Which Are the Best Ski Resorts Close to Geneva

Which Are the Best Ski Resorts Close to Geneva
May 21, 2016
Great times with Swiss models and aged scotch bottles await you as you visit the best ski resorts near Geneva. For those of us who have traveled to any ski resort of any kind, we know that a successful air of luxury is of the utmost importance for the location to maintain, if they'd like to see their high profile guests return. You and the European escort who will accompany you to your chosen resort will of course be as high profile as they come, and you want settle for any less than the best. So, let's get right into it, starting with the phenomenal Royal Park Hotel - Private Wellness Resort and Spa in Kandersteg, Switzerland.

This boutique hotel and private wellness center, which has been run by the same family for three generations, has every amenity necessary to make you and your elite escort feel as though you've arrived in paradise rather than Switzerland. Every resort has an indoor pool, this one has an indoor pool and a natural swimming pool that is cleaned by plants and gravel instead of chlorine; this healthy for the environment as well as the skin and hair of you and your companion. Even if you don't care about the environment or your own skin or hair, I know you do, you certainly want your elite travel escort to have everything available to her to look her absoluteley gorgeous, as she helps you to look your best.

In that vein, the resort also features a fitness center, an immense spa facility, a tennis court with a tennis pro on site, as well as on site fine dining. There is even high speed internet, because although you've come here for a bit of private time, a complete disconnect doesn't have to be mandatory.

In addition to skiing, activities offered at the Royal Park include boating, golfing, horseback riding, ice skating, water skiing, wind surfing, and hiking through the resort's private parks and gardens.

Next up is Kempinski Grand Hotel in St. Moritz Switzerland. To visit this place is to be transported to an ice kingdom, lucky for you, you are already in the company of a beautiful snow queen. You'll dine at this World Travel Award winning hotel's three fine dining restaurants: Les Saisons, Ca D'Oro, and Enoteca. If you're in the mood for a third companion, don't let your mind travel to quickly to duo escorts, pets are allowed at this resort. There is a fabulous indoor pool, hiking trails, horseback riding, cable cars, tennis courts, a fitness center, and a choice of indoor or outdoor skiing.

Whichever of these resorts you pick, it is safe to assume that you may never want to leave, but just remember, things are always better appreciated after a bit of time off. That rings true with luxury vacations to Switzerland, and luxury vacations with European models.